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2012-09-20 08:52:13

Contest support & comments will soon arrive


Last weekend bGame finally received some updates and the plan is to keep updating parts of the website as we go.
Next update will allow everyone to submit their games for the Blender Game Competition 2012! All of the games will most likely be registered here on bGame and submitted to the contest.
And there's more. Next update there will also be support for comments on at least the game profiles. Chances are that comments will be enabled for other profiles and pages as well but the goal is to initially get them to work on the game profiles.

Last but not least, here are some of the most interesting projects that I've come across in the past few days:
Hamusutaman ハムスタ-マン
Shoot or Die
Invasion of the Cow Snatchers

and of course the now famous Blender Asteroids

Have fun playing Blender games!

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