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Even More New Control Panel Stuff! (including changing e-mails)

At last, you can properly edit your account details on bGame! User/Developer Control Panel

You can change things like your e-mail, website and even your account type! (to switch from developer to user and viceversa) 1 comment

New Control Panel and Profile Descriptions are up and running!

It took some effort but the user/developer control panel has finally been revamped.
The new control panel was made so that it's easier to manage your account and in the case of the developers, the games.

Hope you all have fun! Oh and don't forget, you can post a response to this news item using the new comments system. ;)Be the first person to comment!

Comments are now supported!

You heard it right. You can now comment on both game and developer profiles.

So get going and make those developers proud! 3 comments

Interesting Chatter on

Some interesting discussions have been going on in a thread on in which users are discussing setting up a BGE dedicated website.

bGame development has been very sturdy since it's a one man project and I've been working on a bunch of other things.

It's great to see that people are still interested in the subject though.

Hop in and give your opinions! the first person to comment!

New! RSS feeds

Several RSS feeds have been created for those who like to keep track of bGame using Google Reader and others.

You can access them from the front page by clicking the RSS icons.

Available feeds
'News' feed

'Top rated games' feed
'Most downloaded games' feed
'Recently added games' feed

If there are any bugs, glitches or any other issues please use the website's Contact form to contact bGame support.Be the first person to comment!

Blender Game Competition 2012 - All entries are in!

Hello to all the Blender Heads and gamers,

The Blender Game Competiton 2012's submission stage is over and it's now up to the judges to judge the submitted games.

8 games have been submitted by various Blender users!
It is kind of a shame considering the contest has been up for a year but I'm glad there were four more submissions before the competition ended.

Check them out, give them a try.
Blender Game Competition 2012 (you can find the entries here)

Have fun!Be the first person to comment!

Submit your entries! Blender Game Competition 2012 is on bGame!

Go for it everyone!
Hope to see some great submissions!

mokazon's Blender Game Competition will end in a few days.
Link to Blender Game Competition 2012 contest page Be the first person to comment!

False alarm!

Hey everyone,

I accidentally caused the website to glitch which made it send 'Bad download link' e-mails to pretty much every developer.

Please ignore the e-mail for it was an accident.

Sorry for the inconvenience.Be the first person to comment!

Contest support & comments will soon arrive


Last weekend bGame finally received some updates and the plan is to keep updating parts of the website as we go.
Next update will allow everyone to submit their games for the Blender Game Competition 2012! All of the games will most likely be registered here on bGame and submitted to the contest.
And there's more. Next update there will also be support for comments on at least the game profiles. Chances are that comments will be enabled for other profiles and pages as well but the goal is to initially get them to work on the game profiles.

Last but not least, here are some of the most interesting projects that I've come across in the past few days:
Hamusutaman ハムスタ-マン
Shoot or Die
Invasion of the Cow Snatchers

and of course the now famous Blender Asteroids

Have fun playing Blender games!Be the first person to comment!

The Spike

Oh no! I was not prepared for this.
Blender Asteroids what have you done!?

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New password features!

Sorry for the long wait but you can finally regain access to your account if you've lost your password. Just go to the Login page and click the link next to 'Forgot your password?'.

You can also change your password by going to your User/Developer Control Panel and clicking the 'Change password' button.

I'll see if I can add support for profile descriptions soon.

Have fun everyone! I'm having great fun playing all these Blender games!Be the first person to comment!

Lack of Updates

Glad you're still visiting bGame people!

As you may have noticed, development on bGame has stalled quite a bit.
It seems education is always causing personal projects to die all over the planets.

bGame will get it's updates but it will probably take more time.
Hopefully you will soon be able to comment on game and developer profiles.

Hope to see more games soon! ;) Get to work developers.Be the first person to comment!

Thanks! Here's some news!

Thanks to everyone out there for supporting bGame!
Especially the developers that submitted their games. You guys are awesome.

The project has been slightly dormant for the past few weeks because there's currently a lot going on but it makes me very happy to see more and more people are visiting and submitting games.
Feel free to nudge the other BGE game designers to submit their games. So far I've played all of them and I'd love to play a lot more!

If you have any suggestions feel free to use the Contact form or leave a message in the bGame development thread.

I hope to add new features soon.
Features like comments, reviews and a lot more options for the control panel. Including password and e-mail changes.

Have fun playing those awesome Blender games.Be the first person to comment!

Submit your Games!

bGame is becoming a pretty stable website now but what it really needs is some more games to showcase!
Submit your games and link to bGame in your forum threads! :D
Help bGame become a better place.

Also feel free to submit suggestions and ideas using either the contact form or by posting on BlenderArtists.
Link to the bGame thread.Be the first person to comment!

New Feature! - Featured Games

Games can now be featured on the front page!
bGame needs more test subjects so upload those games. WIP games are welcome too. ;)Be the first person to comment!

Update on Downloads

You can now see how many times a game has been downloaded.

You can view the amount of downloads on the game profiles and there is a top 10 list on the front page.Be the first person to comment!

Multi-Platform Support

You can now enter download URLs for multiple platforms!
Yay!Be the first person to comment!