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[Darkness Creeping]


A game made in an insane 48 hours! For Ludum Dare #23 - By AD-Edge

Game Summary/Plot:
You play as an unknown character, who's been rejected by the people he belongs to. You've spent too long, lying on the floor in a dark and abandoned old dungeon, completely forgotten.
Suddenly you take it upon yourself to escape, and so that is your main mission - starting by escaping the cell you've been in for an immeasurable amount of time, into an unknown and potentially dangerous environment.
Lots of critters scurry about the floor, and with thanks to a special ability (the very ability which got you into so much trouble in the first place) you find you can inhabit the bodies of the smaller creatures scurrying nearby.

Maybe this will be your first step towards being free again?

Not sure if Ill keep working on this game, theres a few level sections which didnt make it in, since I ran out of time, but would still like to see those implemented and completed. And a few features which arent really used at all (like jumping) are a bit useless without these additional parts added, so perhaps I will add more to it sometime!

Check out the 48 hour timelapse video (beware that it contains massive spoilers... ie the entire game being made, so play it first if you dont want things spoiled)

Most recent update is V0.9a
Contains a bunch of major bug-fixes which were present when the game was first released (in a mad rush to meet the LD deadline) Read the readme for full details for the fix release history.

http://www.mediafi...m/?7684syfaa19day2 - Main runtime Download
http://www.mediafi...m/?c4e3u8oribpz0ba - Optimized runtime download (if your having trouble running the high-res version)

Read the readme.txt! A lot of the controls arent mentioned in-game as I ran out of time (might be shown in future??)

http://www.ludumda...n=preview&uid=3467 - The official page for this game on the Ludum Dare site:

Ive used the Blender 2.62 Harmony experimental (r45838) to build the runtime (alternatively 2.62.4 32bit is good - since the current 2.62 release has audio issues with the game engine - these builds can be found on for now)

Source and all assets are also available, and people are free to add to and modify as you wish, just credit me where credit is due - http://www.mediafi...m/?5lrecd0mcztyoar (85mb)

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