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Welcome to my profile.

I'm really happy you're taking a closer look.
I started making games with the Blender GE one year before I finished school in 2009.
In the beginning there where many failures but I kept on learning and doing all the stuff again and again until I got better.
With everything new I learned it became more and more fun to make games and share them with people.
Sometimes it's hard to manage the job and making games in my free time. But after all I can say it was totally worth it.
that's why I will keep on doing this as long as people play my games.
For me there's no better feeling then people having a few hours of fun while playing a game I made.

Although bgame isn't that big yet, I think it's a great idea and also a great platform to share games.
I hope there will be more people over time because a developer always wants as much people as possible to play his games.

So, thank you for downloading, playing and having fun.
Give the games to your friends if you like them
and of course I would be glad about as much feedback as possible


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Date registered 2013-11-17

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Picking Sticks2013-11-17


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